What Our Clients Say

Our work went along according to a master calendar, which he posted. Subs came when they were scheduled - we were never left dangling, wondering why key people didn’t show.

Dan expected quality supplies as well as performance, and he was on the phone constantly to make sure that his timetable was kept.

The final test was in the finishing work. Dan made his final inspection, carrying blue tape and tagging any small imperfection, and he did not leave the job until each minute detail was done.

Dan is a perfectionist and the job reflects that.
Jack and Trixie Brown
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fabulous work you and your crew performed on our recent remodel. The ease and expertise you brought to the job was well above our expectations. We were prepared for the worst of nightmares and experienced quite the opposite. Despite the craziness for the holiday season, living in the remodel, and having three small children, you and your crew made the 3 months fly by with no added stress, upbeat attitude, quality craftsmanship and relative ideas. We were especially impressed with the way you included all of us in the planning, right down to asking the children what they would like to have done to their rooms. We have nothing but praise for your quick, clean and excellent timing/planning. Our remodel was planned out like clockwork and was extremely smooth. Your daily/weekly/monthly planning calendar was a life saver. We always knew what to expect and when to expect it.
The Lawrence Ryan Family
Dan personally was in charge of the entire construction process, which took approximately six months from ground-breaking to move-in. He worked well with all the subcontractors, and saw to it that all the schedules were arranged, in order to avoid undue delays.

We are well pleased with the final result, and feel we have end up with a home that is of much greater value and the one it replaced.
Sal P. Cardinale
We are delighted with our initial sales results at Laub's Country Store and we attribute a degree of those very positive results to your work. Without this letter appearing to be testimonial, I want to thank you, your staff and subcontractors for a truly remarkable performance.

As I believe you are aware, the Laub's Country Store is the 30th store in our chain (19 in Hawaii and 11 in California)... while we have had some fantastic craftsmanship in several of our stores, they have not necessarily taken on the complexity of task that you did at Laub's nor have they preformed those tasks in a timely fashion and within the agreed to budget... you've done it all.
Steve Moder, President, TMC
I have engaged Daniel R Clark Construction to do several remodel and construction projects at various properties owned by California Innkeepers.

I was pleased with the quality of the workmanship and the end results. Dan was very involved in the day-to-day construction and his crews performed effectively and efficiently.

Dan has done other remodeling projects as well as some new construction for our company and we have always been pleased with the quality of his work and the cost. His knowledge of construction codes has been very helpful to us in completing some of the projects that we have engaged him for.

Dan has been honest with us on these various projects and we have not hesitated to continue our relationship with him.
C. R. Newbern, Vice President/Operations
Dan Clark ran our home construction and pulled the project off on schedule with a master’s touch.

There was never a time the project wasn’t under control. He had the subcontractors on the job when they were supposed to be there. He knew how long they should take and how much each would cost before the bids were received.

Dan has a great working knowledge of the entire process and high expectations. With a great understanding of subcontractors and use of the phone our addition came off better than expected and on time. It looks great and fits in with the original house the way should.
Dean and Barbara Griggs
Dan Clark did a terrific job for us. His initial estimates proved to be very accurate, as did his time to complete projection. The quality of his work was exceptional and lived up to our expectations. I recommend Dan Clark and his crew without reservation. They are the best!
Cary Neiman

Our house in Pebble Beach, California was recently completed: Designed by John Matthams Int’l Design Group and built by Daniel R. Clark Construction.

We were extremely pleased with Dan Clark as builder. Since Dan builds one residence/project at a time, he gives 100% to the job every day. Dan takes immense pride in his work; he demands of himself, his crew, and sub-contractors the highest level of performance and craftsmanship.

In addition to outstanding quality of work, other strengths are:

  • Well-organized, on-time scheduling;
  • Excellent preparation and presentation of “mock-ups”, models, and ideas for meetings with clients and/or design staff;
  • Clean, secure job site;
  • Well-organized administration/paperwork;
  • Great website which provides up-to-date photos of job details, especially helpful when clients are out of town;
  • A consistently up-beat, friendly attitude! Very important!

As the website shows, the quality and beauty of our house is outstanding; but, moreover, our building experience was a very pleasant and positive one! Much of that is due to Daniel R. Clark Construction.

We cannot recommend Dan Clark highly enough.

Joe and Melanie Byerly